Outraw Bicycre Gang in Biggest Ever Drug Bust


Asians assimilate so wonderfully well into Australian society. They are hard-working, law-abiding and...hello, what's this?

From the "A"BC:

Landlords have been reminded to carefully vet prospective tenants after a number of Perth rental properties were found to be hydroponic cannabis growing operations. Police allege organised crime gangs based in the eastern states have been renting homes in Perth and turning them into drug dens, causing extensive damage in the process.

Dave Hillyard, acting Consumer Protection commissioner, told ABC Radio Perth that police had discovered 21 rental properties had been targeted in the past seven months. "The police have seized crops in excess of $6 million and estimated that power in excess of $1 million has been stolen from Western Power," Mr Hillyard said.

One of the victims was Kai Kang.

See? A hardworking Asian man who scrimped and saved and bought an investment property so he could live the Australian dream of going to someone else's country, buying up real-estate and growing rich off the proceeds of unrestricted immigration from your home base.

"They looked pretty young and mentioned they just moved from the eastern states," Mr Kang said.

"They said they have children and that the husband was doing a printing job."

Last month Mr Kang was contacted by police who told him that the house had been raided.

"It's so shocking to us.

"What made me feel more shocked was that later on we found out that our friends had exactly the same trouble with a property in Canning Vale."

Oh yes, I'll bet both you and your friends were shocked, shocked as an EU politician by a Moslem terror attack. Shocked as the peaceful, innocent Moslem community that sheltered the perps.

Anyway, serves you right for renting to bikies--you know the big, burly Aussies with tatts who hang around in pubs and, as everyone knows, deal drugs and run organised crime in this country.

Warning signs that a tenant is running a drug operation Mr Hillyard said there were a number of common factors in the 21 Perth cases.

"They don't rent through real estate agents, and what they have done is made specific offers to pay rent for long periods of time in advance," he said.

"Police are telling us that they are south-east Asian crime gangs."

In Mr Kang's case the tenants had a Vietnamese background, as does Mr Kang.

I just feel so sorry for this hardworking fellow Aussie who surely isn't any kind of slum lord packing substandard accommodation with his fellow pho soup slurpers by word of mouth at illegal cockfights.

"They are presenting people with a similar background and that disarms the landlord," Mr Hillyard said.

See? Like I just said.

"When we reach our destination, Kang, we will buy up the puny earthlings' real-estate and use it as a spawning ground for our own kind! That we shall, Kodos, and for the production of illegal drugs!"

And BTW, it's not just the Asians, apparently, who are exploiting our loose border controls. Guess what? We now have the Mexican Mafia over here. And guess what else? They're a lot less nice to have around than the Italian Mafia.


Born on the rough streets of Los Angeles in 1980s by refugees from El Salvador, the deadly gang have since spread to Mexico, Canada and other parts of the US. Often terrifying to look at, gang members sometimes cover their entire faces in tattoos.

His twenty sons by as many different putas will be true-blue Aussie drug dealers.

They are known to be particularly deadly, and use violence against people who disrespect them.

More than 100,000 members across the globe have joined the group. Some of them have been convicted of rape or murder, motivated by revenge.


The Australian Federal Police is remaining tight-lipped about the gang but it is believed they are attracted to Australia’s booming drug market.

The gang has previously been linked to Mexican drug lord El Chapo and they have plans to team up with Australia’s outlaw motorcycle gangs.

See? Bikies! Told you so. Of course it's bikies who are really at the heart of this whole drug trade thing, just as the media's always telling us. White, Australian bikers, that is, in leather vests with pony tails and mutton chops.

In this world of frenetic change and ethnic warfare against us, we can still hold to some eternal truths, and this is one of them.

US Homeland Security’s special agent in charge Mark Selby told the Herald Sun it was an extremely violent gang to be entering Australia.

“MS-13 are opportunists ... We are concerned that (if) they partner with criminal groups like outlaw motorcycle gangs, it will make them more devastating,” he said. The gang mainly focuses on extortion and drug distribution and Mr Selby said members “are brutally violent”.

The Herald Sun reports the gang could be storming Western Australia, NSW and Victoria as well as South Australia. Frighteningly, MS-13 wants to be the gang that has the highest number of killings across the world and the gang may have been infiltrating Australia secretly and slowly for some time.


Mr Selby believes Australian authorities will be able to handle the gang because of their experience with the outlaw bikie gangs.

“I’ve no doubt the authorities will be able to deal with it,” he said.

Don't worry, kids. Nothing new here. Same-old, same-old... Or is it?

Two years ago, there was this report in The Conversation about an Australian Crime Commission report on the provenance of ice and meth sold in Australia:

ACC data indicates that detections of clandestine laboratories decreased by approximately 6% in 2012-13. The weight of precursor material being detected at the border has also decreased, despite the number of detections increasing.

Conversely, the weight and amount of amphetamine-type substance (ATS) detections at the Australian border, in particular detections of ice, continue to increase. This suggests that the outstanding threat is increasingly coming from abroad. Small-time Australian players are growing reliant on transnational crime groups.


Various governments in Australia have made much of the role of outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCGs) and their involvement in the methylamphetamine trade.

Tellingly, in this week’s report, they rate only two mentions [...] Nowhere was the critical evidence of their dominance of this particular drug market put forward, despite what many law enforcement agencies have been claiming in recent years.

The report outlines the following crime groups as being active in the meth market: … members of Australian-based outlaw motorcycle gangs, Australian organised crime groups as well as persons of Middle Eastern, Eastern European and West African backgrounds, and Vietnamese, Chinese, Canadian, US and Mexican serious and organised crime groups.

As has been previously shown, while OMCGs no doubt have some involvement in the drug trade, they are not the kingpins.

Drug dealing outlaw bikies are scum who need to be cleaned up with extreme prejudice, no question: dragged out of their pot-stinking dens by the ponytail by the Eureka Guard Gestapo and terminated. We need a bit less of this approach:

and a bit more of this:

whatever the nationality of these crims.

However, while we're on that subject, just lookee here what I seen the news this morning:

The "A"BC:

Australian authorities have seized a record 903 kilograms of the drug ice, worth $898 million, hidden in boxes of wooden floorboards in Melbourne's east.

They said it was the largest methylamphetamine seizure in Australia's history and was the equivalent of taking 9 million hits off the street.


Australian Federal Police (AFP) assistant commissioner Neil Gaughan said the drugs were seized from a warehouse in Nunawading after police executed 12 search warrants in early February, following a months'-long investigation into an international drug syndicate.

"Mr Gaughan said the drugs had come from Asia."

Yes, and just to rub it in, here are the men they are searching for:

"We outraw bicycre gang now!"

Authorities said the scale of the haul was indicative of the huge demand for the drug in Australia, where ice commands a higher street price than in any other Western country.

A recent study of wastewater around the country suggested methylamphetamine was the most consumed illicit drug in the country.

City and regional sites in Western Australia were found to far exceed national ice use averages, with South Australia also recording above-average use both in city and country areas.

Makes you wonder what's going on in Mr Kang's other properties...

Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville hailed the discovery was a significant achievement in taking the drugs off the street, saying more people died on Victorian roads with ice in their system than drink-driving.

"What this represents here today is somewhere around about 9 million hits," she said.

"You think about that in terms of communities, you think about that in terms of families.

Yes, dear reader, you think about this in terms of these vicious, opportunistic aliens harming our communities, our families. Maybe you know the harm from personal experience, or maybe (God forbid) you're destined to find out.

But I happen to think that we have a higher destiny awaiting us just as soon as we're ready to seize it.

National revolution.



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