The late altright philosopher Jonathan Bowden had a word two two to say about this phenomenon:

The corporate-financial powers-that-be and their servants in the state and media have long since adopted the radical equality and emancipation narratives of the left. Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. are out, and multicultural egalitarianism is the only acceptable value system. Hold-outs are to be ruthlessly persecuted and denied the right to put their case.

So-called anti-fascists see themselves as militants against the capitalist system, but they are deluded. Today's left may save a few token words for the working class, but really, the only time their traditional demographic gets a look-in is when the workers of the world are exhorted to unite—against racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.

Above: A typical leftist news site today
Lead story: gay marriage plebiscite
Featured stories: drug legalisation, solidarity with third-world brown people wrecking their own country (including a story about “revolutionary” Venezuelan trannies), anti-Trump nuclear alarmism, "refugees"…

The views of these useful idiots are practically indistinguishable from those espoused in the mainstream media. But this doesn’t faze them. When they get their wish on gay marriage, they will predictably keep pushing for ever greater depths of degeneracy to further degrade and deracinate the working class they claim to represent. As immigration figures continue to climb, they will cheer along with employers’ groups, property developers and the media. In contrast to socially shunned rightists, prestigious employers will continue to hire them, providing upward mobility for dreadlocked genderfluid anarchists as they mature into the next generation of system-approved academics, lawyers, journalists, bureaucrats and parliamentarians. That is the plan, and it has been underway now for some decades.

In the US after Charlottesville, we have seen the entire mainstream media and political establishment side with anarcho-communist rioters whose presence in the town was predicated on the denial of their opponents' free speech. These are people who, not for the first time, threw balloons filled with their own disease-ridden urine and feces in the faces of their political opponents, attacking them with clubs, flamethrowers and god-knows what else, all to prevent the true opposition to the status quo from speaking to the public.

This image is taken from an article in The Independent defending the actions of the negro depicted. Incidentally, The Independent is owned by Russian oligarchs Alexander and Evgeny Lebedev, billionaires whose media empire is funded by the fortune inherited from their father, a banker and energy tycoon.

In the MSM, the fact that altright rally-goers came equipped with shields and helmets to defend against these vermin is unquestioned proof that they, and not the left, initiated the violence. Trump’s most recent, “two sides” comment was met with howls of execration by everyone from the far left to members of his own party. Not only must he condemn “white supremacists” and “neo-nazis” but he must also completely exonerate and indeed celebrate those who oppose them, by whatever means. This is the extent of the complicity that exists between antifa and the power-establishment.

The strategy employed by the Jewish mayor and his BLM-affiliated deputy was to use the most deranged, anti-social elements to provide a pretext for shutting down a lawful assembly which they could not do by legal means, enabling them to declare martial law. This is the role of antifa in today’s political scene: doing the dirty work of the police and authorities they claim nonsensically to oppose.

Altright site The Daily Stormer (which has since had its domain registration cancelled, and so cannot be linked to) repeatedly cautioned rally-goers against bringing weapons or starting fights--a far cry from the likes of the openly violence-inciting antifa leader Yvette Felarca, or the left's endless gloating over footage of the cowardly assault on Richard Spencer at Trump's inauguration (an incident over which the MSM predictably ran cover for them).

Ah but the "altright terrorism"! In fact, as can be seen from the video below, the alleged terrorist James A. Fields was surrounded by hostile, armed leftists who first attacked his vehicle, probably causing him to panic.

But even with his full wits engaged, what was the driver of that car supposed to do? Let club-wielding thugs drag him out of his vehicle and beat him to death? Perhaps the choice was between ending up where he is now, and where altright activist “Baked Alaska” currently lies: in hospital and possibly blind after having acid thrown in his face. Where is the media outrage over this man’s injuries?

It is almost too obvious, too dreary to point out the double standard here. Even if the car-ramming had been a bona fide act of right wing terrorism: a premeditated murder of a completely innocent bystander by a card-carrying member of a group associated with the protest (and it was none of those things), the media response would still be the rankest hypocrisy. Only the following day, a Moslem rammed his car into a Paris eatery, killing a little girl. There has been no outrage, no crack-down on Moslem organisations. Instead there has been mostly silence, and the usual wheedling insinuations that the driver was just a mentally ill individual whose action has no link to any broader narrative.

With premier altright news site The Daily Stormer out of commission for the time being (due to cowardly virtue-signalling from domain registrars and DDoS protection service Cloudflare, and illegal censorship by Google), it is safer than ever for the lugenpresse to tell its lies about what happened at Charlottesville, and apportion the blame to the Eternal Racist White Man who, the left maintains, is simultaneously a marginal, antisocial element and an all-powerful nemesis. (According to the latter interpretation, the conspiritards are correct: the Nazis secretly won WWII, now preside over an invisible, worldwide empire, and are working to somehow genocide the exponentially multiplying “useless mouths” of Africa …).

Well, apparently that’s the story our local leftists are going with. This group of cat ladies and listless nu-males showed up outside the US Consulate in Melbourne last night:

As a perceptive critic on Reddit wrote of the event: “Oh fuck off. I bet some of these people were protesting Trump when they should have been protesting our relaxed bail laws that allowed a person to drive a car down footpaths in the city and kill innocent people.”

It is undeniably not because of White nationalists that Melbourne streets are now lines with concrete bollards.

What did these idiots think they were going to accomplish, exactly? Every media outlet in the country was spreading the message on their hand-held signs, bewailing the death of their obese SJW postergirl. Truly, their action only makes sense when understood as religious observance. It has always been understood that women, particularly spinsters, are especially prone to unhealthy religious enthusiasm.

The rally in Charlottesville was a protest by America’s ethnic core against the cultural and physical genocide that is being waged against them. As Trump pointed out yesterday, now it is the Confederate generals who are coming down; tomorrow it will obviously be Washington and Jefferson. This is a process whose logic is not difficult to read.

Likewise, efforts are being made to erase the history of White Australia. Melbourne City Council has just voted to abolish our national day, to no great outcry. Our history offends Aboriginals, so it must be forgotten. Of course, today it is the landing of the First Fleet that causes discomfort, but when the anniversary of Federation becomes the replacement celebration, how long will it take for the permanently aggrieved to complain that our own Founding Fathers were all White Supremacists whose first legislative act was the bipartisan passage of the Immigration Restriction Act?

And what is the agenda behind this attack on White history? Everyone is equal, but white people are uniquely evil because they have historically denied this central tenet of leftist faith. We must now do penance to atone for the Original Sin of our ancestors. If we do, we can be forgiven, but only provisionally. Regular penance and confession are required to be admitted to communion within the Church of Black-Jewish Jesus, who died in the Holocaust, on a slave ship and at the Myall Creek Massacre, for our sins. It is a religion of peace and goodwill to all—but beware: blasphemy is punishable by death.

The good news is that such a brittle ideology is bound to crack. No one not already committed to the anti-White side is going to be convinced by the establishment-leftist offensive in the wake of Charlottesville. Cultists will continue going through their rituals, but normal people will be increasingly alienated as they realise where this all is tending.

And yet, for all the hostility it had generated, Charlottesville was a success. Polarisation is necessary before our people can come to know themselves again, and know their enemies. Here's hoping we in Australia can summon the same passion to defend our own heritage against this genocidal leftist system!



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