"Gender-Based Violence": Why Fem-Dom Transsexualism Is Urgently Needed in Aussie Schools


Here in Victoria our closet case Premier, along with his kiddie fiddling henchpersons, has been truly indefatigable in his quest to see more little boys wearing tutus.

The transexualist project in Victorian schools started before Andrews’s tenure, back in 2010, with now-exposed paedophile front organisation “anti-bullying” organisation “Safe Schools,” founded with an 8 million dollar grant from the State Government. The PR Problem the Government has been faced with, though, is that it turns out links to paedophile advocates who publish paedo-porn-laced essays about their proclivities is bad for the image of a program billing itself as making schools “safe” for kids (though not bad enough, apparently, for the program to have been scrapped altogether).

Solution: roll out the same filth-encrusted fabric of lies, this time in the guise of combating an epidemic of “gender-based violence.”

The new $21.8 million program is called “Respectful Relationships,” and the pretext for attacking gender roles and pushing homoeroticism on children this time round is provided by rising rates of domestic violence in minority-infested Victoria. A trial has already taken place in 19 schools, signed up to by SJW principals at the psychological expense of 4000 students and any mentally healthy hold-outs among the 1700 staff also press-ganged.

As the pilot report says, “It is recommended that statewide rollout includes an ‘opt-in model’ for school participation in the initial years of implementation." So they're up-front about how ultimately it's to be a compulsory program.

Also from the pilot report:

For regional and school level change to occur, this approach to addressing gender-based violence and the key principles behind Respectful Relationships Education need to be understood, acknowledged and publicly promoted ‘from the top down.’

The main thrust of the program can be summed up by a single word: feminism—and lots of it. Here's the main sales pitch:

Gender-based violence can be prevented […] by integrating the following actions into the way we live, work, learn and socialise:

  • promote and normalise gender equality in public and private life
  • challenge condoning of gender-based violence
  • promote women’s independence and decision-making challenge gender stereotypes and roles
  • strengthen positive, equal and respectful relationships.

You’re not against “positive, equal and respectful relationships” are you? Well, guess what? Our “evidence base” tells us we can’t have them without promoting gender bending and single motherhood, so deal!

Now, we mustn’t assume that the kind of “violence” to be prevented implies actual physical contact—oh no: “sexting and revenge porn” as well as “financial” and “emotional” abuse against “women and their children” are also classified as “gender-based violence” in the pilot report.

The moral here is that for "women's independence" to be promoted, the cock carousel must keep spinning unhindered. And do you think 5 year-olds are too young to get on board? Think again!

The online resource Sexuality Education Matters should be updated with the RREiS findings The Victorian Government should fund development, testing and consultation to refine the toolkit to align with all school levels, including primary school, and to ensure the toolkit supports curriculum resources for all school levels.

Much of the report is made up of quotes from Principals, teachers and students spouting the buzzwords they’ve picked up in the course of the trial. Apparently this counts as “evidence” that the program is already working to combat gender-based violence (which, if violence is defined as “not saying what feminists like to hear” is, of course, true). Here are some cringe-inducing examples:

It has definitely showed that the boys are a lot more careful with what they say. Say [for example] some boys making sexist jokes […] I’ve seen a definite change in that at our school. Focus group session, Student.

[The RREiS pilot] has put it on the agenda. It’s made me aware of minor things… it’s made me doubly aware of making cups of tea… or cleaning up or those types of things, [and] the language. I’m really trying to be conscious of it—and I listen more closely to what other people are saying and how it’s being said. Focus group session, Principal.

So I guess before the program the guy was throwing scalding cups of tea in the faces of his feminist co-workers, whereas now he’s taken to pouring them down the front of his pants...?

There were male teachers in positions of authority [who] used aggression as their method to get what they wanted. That just became unacceptable. It took a lot of strength and persistence and self-belief to ensure that we didn’t operate like that. We have a policy that there is to be no raised voices, slamming things… all that rubbish. We did a lot of work around calmer classrooms […] with a restorative frame. Everything we’ve done has supported this. Focus group session, Principal.

Yes, because teachers’ “wants” should have no privileged status in the classroom. Anyone who thinks differently has authoritarian personality disorder. Class dismissed!

For many schools, participation in the RREiS pilot resulted in increased disclosures from staff and students. Disclosures covered a range of sensitive topics including experiences of violence, perpetration of violence, experiences of sex and sexuality and gender diversity […]. Follow-up school culture survey, Teacher.

Now that we're warmed up, get a load of these “sophisticated” regurgitations from the guinea pigs students themselves:

Gender is not what sex you are, but what you want to be. Focus group session, Student.

[Gender inequality includes] the stereotype that the man [should be] more powerful [than a woman] so he can tell her what to do. Focus group session, Student.

Gender inequality is, say, a man doing the exact same job that the woman’s doing, but […] getting paid more. There are a lot of activists out there […] protesting about how women deserve more respect, better pay for basically doing the exact same thing that men do, which is obviously fair enough. Focus group session, Student.

In sports classes, the sports teachers kind of talk to the boys more than the girls […] They constantly think that we can’t do it. Focus group session, Female student. Girls told a group of boys that saying ‘plays like a girl’ is sexist and not fair as it is using being a girl as an insult. Curriculum reflection survey, Teacher.

You can just about hear the rising intonation, the nasally whingeing... And now, from a socially engaged education professional who is just thrilled to be a tool in the social engineering workshop (better late than never—TRIGGER WARNING):

We were concluding the respectful relationships program [and] one of my quiet Year 9 girls who identifies as Muslim […] put her hand up and said: ‘While we’re talking about respectful relationships, can we have a discussion about [the November 2015 attacks on] Paris and how my people are portrayed in the media at the moment?’ So we spent 35 minutes talking about that. She prompted the conversation. She rarely speaks in group settings. She wanted the discussion in front of 35 of her peers. It was fantastic! Focus group session, Teacher.

I wonder if you’d think Muslim views on gender are “fantastic,” Ms Schoolmarm? I sense there’s going to be an opportunity for someone to provide PD on dealing with cognitive dissonance.

Ready for some light relief?

I got emotional at the PD [professional learning] days because I thought, oh, it was just a kid that was late to school. I’ve never thought about why someone might be late to school. Just little things like that get you thinking. All these things start going off in your mind. Focus group session, Teacher.

I know you automatically assume that this hysterical person has a vagina, but that only goes to show the dire need we have of programs like this. Here’s further, 100% scientifically valid evidence:

[S]tudents in focus group sessions were able to demonstrate a sound understanding of gendered power relations and statistics on gender-based violence, yet maintained that they had learned that we need to ‘talk about how the women can be violent to men’. […] There was evidence that the teachers who did not participate in the professional learning relied on their own anecdotes, rather than using those contained in the resource.

These dinosaurs need to learn that personal experience counts for nothing when 3 out of every 2 females are sexually murdered by their own male family members. Differing points of view will totally be valued in our diverse classrooms, but just remember: [C]oncerns about protecting the ‘innocence’ of young people, or ‘demonising men’, often cited as reasons for not undertaking this kind of work, are unfounded.

Not unfounded, but not exactly the point, either. Of course what they are doing here is putting forward a fuddy-duddy controlled opposition line in the hope that people won’t make the real objection. What we should attack is not some inconsistent departure from egalitarian dogma; anyone who frames his objection to this program in terms of gender equality is doing more harm than good. (Just as when it comes to racial issues, the objection should never be that the other side is playing “identity politics” or are "the real racists.") These are cuckservative objections. Our objection needs to be that these perverts and demented cat ladies are trying to destroy the family and warp children’s naturally developing identities, so that they will turn out damaged and ripe for sexual exploitation.

The creeps continue:

New data (to be published in coming months) from an online survey of 2,325 young people aged 13 to 16+ in South Australian and Victorian government secondary schools shows that students want more out of sexuality education, in particular, more information about violence in relationships and about gender and sexual diversity.

But look, here’s one little problem with all of this. Have white men in Australia and around the world grown more traditionally masculine over recent years, or have they, on the contrary, been growing up increasingly raised by single mums, feminist women and feminised men who freak out when they see little boys playing contact sports? Because if it's the latter, then it seems to me that we’re looking at the total empirical refutation of the whole "masculinity = domestic violence" theory. Correlation doesn’t equal causation, as the scientists say, but it’s a start!

And here’s another problem. Over the same time period, have women and girls been conforming more closely to traditional feminine roles? Or have education and media been moulding them into perverted, entitled sluts who think that rights come without responsibilities, that their choices can have no negative consequences? Could this possibly have a negative impact on how they are treated by men?

Seems to me we might have arrived at the basis of a scientific theory that could be tested—if these gender-bending boffins had any actual interest in keeping kids and families safe, that is.

Of course, another reason for the increase in assault rates might have something to do with situations like this one mentioned in the report: “One teacher reported a direct link between a student learning about gender-based violence and the student’s ability to later identify a past personal experience as sexual assault”…

Finally, there is the racial aspect. How many of any number of genuine assaults are perpetrated by genuine Australians, as opposed to kebabs and darkies? Australia has among the highest immigration rates in the White world, and the state of Victoria gets more than its share. Even SBS has had to admit that whinorities do an excessive amount of woman-bashing. It would also be interesting to know by how much interracial relationships have increased at the same time as this "gender-based violence" has been going up: the rate of spousal and child abuse is much higher where neither parent actually has any genetic stake in their offspring.

If you absolutely have to mess with kids’ heads when it comes to sex and relationships, instead of inviting anti-nature freaks who are less than one remove away from the confirmed "safe schools" paedos loose upon our children, it would do significantly less harm to hire this guy as a consultant:



"State-of-the-art racist troll"– Andrew "skype rat" Jakubowicz


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